Christopher Robison Turning ideas into reality.

I love to code. There I've said it. Sure, I have a unique blend of technical know-how, leadership skills, and business acumen but my lifelong love is for coding. A little background about me: I have extensive experience in software engineering plus I've learned that I have a special skill: leading groups of unruly programmers. I am also skilled in a wide range of programming languages, including JavaScript, C, C++, Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, Go and others. I have a proven track record of successfully meeting deadlines and delivering code that is robust and well tested. Most recently, I brought D. Harris Tours, a small transportation company, into the 21st century by modernizing their operations, resulting in a fleet expansion from 2 to 12 buses and a corresponding 10X increase in revenue. I could go on but I'm afraid I've said too much already 😁

2010 to 2011 San Francisco Elks Lodge #3

Esteemed Leading Knight / House Committee Chair
As Leading Knight and House Committee Chair I was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Lodge restaurant and bar as well as organizing and holding events to raise money for local underprivileged children. During my tenure as House Committee Chair, with the help of the SFPD, we were able to build 100 bicycles to give as Christmas presents to children which were very well received. We raised over $34,000 for the children in that year.